We provide MYKAD SDK for developers to read MYKAD owner's personal information, thumb prints and photo. It is soo flexible and easy to use. You just need to call the API provided. MYKAD SDK is open to any compliance Smart Card reader in the market but work best with our FT SCR301. MYKAD SDK is standard windows DLL.

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FT SCR301 MYKAD reader is designed for various usages of smart card applications, acceptable for both SIM size cards and full credit card size cards. Be ISO7816 compliant and T=0/T=1 asynchronous protocol support, FT SCR301 is applied to any computer with an available standard USB port.

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MYKADCapture is a flexible application where the data captured (MYKAD Info) can be used for many purposes. What's so special about this? This application developed by taking advantage of multi-threading where multiple processes run concurrently and making your application runs SUPER FAST.

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We provide MYKAD SDK - BIOMETRICS for developers to read MYKAD owner's personal information and verify thumbprint. It is soo flexible and easy to use. You don't have to know low level smart card command. Our MYKAD SDK - BIOMETRICS able to verify with thumbprint only for next verification!

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About Us

Your preferred MYKAD SDK and BIOMETRICS

We are MYKAD and Smart Card specialist company. Our main focus is working with companies that are developing application which needs to integrate with MYKAD. We specialize in quickly and professionally getting your application integrated. From Hospital and Clinic Systems, Time Attendance, Visitor Management, Loyalty Card, Driving School, Seminar and Graduation Systems and most popular Hotel Systems. We can take your software to success!


Our MYKAD SDK and MYKAD SDK - BIOMETRICS will be maintained and recompiled to handle new MYKAD Reader. You do not have to worry. We have the source code and we will continue to support you. This is the main criteria before getting your MYKAD READER or MYKAD SDK. Make sure they know what they are selling and have the capability to flow with the current technology.


We are committed and experienced developers for the MYKAD and Smart Card application development. Have more than 10 years experience in application development and have been developed hundreds of high quality applications. If you need any kind of MYKAD and Smart Card solutions, you are in the right place. If your company is in software development business, you are still in the right place. MYKADPRO SOLUTIONS Development provides high-quality solutions for both direct customers and development companies.


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